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    Our certification is only available for businesses that are led by a female. This means that your business has a women acting as your
    founder, president or CEO/COO. Female solo-prenuers are always welcome.

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  • Complete Your Application and Checkout

    It's easy. Simply complete your application and submit your certification fee (Only $49) and we'll review your documents in 48-72 business hours.

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  • Go for it!

    After approval, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to download your badge, access the member Growth Kit, and join our private Facebook group!

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How much does it cost?

Certification starts at just $49 for an annual membership.

Along with your exclusive certification and golden badge marketing assets, we'll also be giving you access to:

  • Our Gold Member Growth Kit. The BEST resources for eCommerce leaders compiled from years of experience as an entrepreneur
  • EXCLUSIVE invitation to our private Facebook group to build connections, find mentors, and

These extras are delivered to you instantly with your acceptance into our program at no additional cost!

If I'm approved, can I use the badge on my website?

Once you're approved and have purchased your membership (Only $49/year), you'll then have the ability to use the certification badge on your website, product packaging, social media, email marketing, and more!

When will my certification expire?

Our certification is valid for one year after your initial approval. We know that many businesses and female leaders change positions over time. Because of this, we we require re-certification to maintain the most accurate group of women-led businesses.

Is there financial assistance for economically disadvantaged applicants?

Yes. Simply email us at hello@runbywomen.com and we'll help cover your application fees.

What if my business is women-owned?

That is wonderful. However, this certification has no relation on the ownership structure (ie. Women-Owned, etc). Our honor highlights the women actively leading your business right now.

Will this certification help me qualify for federal grants or contract opportunities?

No. Our certification is not associated with federal grants and SBA.gov contracting opportunities.